About us

“Agrolicor Group”

We have one of the largest private plantation areas of ​​over 1,200 hectares in the territory of Uzbekistan, in particular in Karakalpakstan, where we operate warehouses and bases for cutting, processing and storing of products. As a supplier, we feel a responsibility both socially and environmentally, and we are dedicated to satisfying our customers’ needs and concerns. As a matter of fact, we welcome buyers to audit our warehouses and we would gladly adapt to the potential buyers’ guidelines and specifications upon signing contracts.

Our History

Green Agro Invest was founded in 2012. Within 7 years the company becomes one of the leading producers of licorice roots in Uzbekistan, due to the unification of several companies, it has been decided to rebrand the company to Agrolicor Group. Agrolicor group is an independent company with its head office in Tashkent, plantation areas, production unit and in-house warehouses are located in Karakalpakstan. The company has been steadily increasing its capacity in collecting & exporting licorice roots. Nonetheless, Agrolicor group well positions itself on the international market. In recent years, we have had the opportunity to export licorice roots to several destinations such as (China, USA, Myanmar, India, Russia, etc.) through our affiliated companies.

Corporate Responsibility

All of Agrolicor Group’s facilities function in full environmental compliance with all local rules and regulations and have completed important financial investments to minimize the impact of Agrolicor Group’s operations on the environment.